Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today – Exodus 14:13

London was thrown into chaos this week as a protest group took to the underground stations in efforts towards relieving the plight of climate change in global warming. The daily routines of many Londoners were interrupted on Thursday morning as Extinction Rebellion protesters took over the Jubilee line among others and climbed on top of the train, shouting their slogans in the fight against climate change. Many passengers got angry and kicked back at these protesters, pulling them down from the trains and shouting back at them. As we head into another week, have you been thrown into chaos? Has your daily routine been interrupted in a way which has become detrimental?

Chaos is a term usually employed to describe situations of complete disorder and confusion. It is widely used in circumstances which are indescribable, and unpredictable. It is unexpected and often has no regard for your welfare or your status, and one person who experienced such chaos was Moses.

Moses was a man who grew up with wealth and a name. He was a prince of Egypt, a man of status and a man who was revered. As Pharaoh’s son, he was in a place most people could only dream of and lacked in nothing. But one day Moses’s life was thrown into chaos. After witnessing an Egyptian beating Hebrew slave, Moses ‘looking this way and that and seeing no one, he killed the Egyptian and buried him the sand’ (Exodus 2:12). This was the end of life as Moses knew it as his true calling and purpose was about to be revealed. Moses was thrust into a world different to the one that he had known, as he had to run for his life after Pharaoh found out what he had done. But although this part of Moses’s life seemed chaotic, confusing and unexpected, God was about to lead him into his destiny, a destiny which would make Moses perhaps one of the most well-known bible characters ever.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations which completely interrupt our lives as we have known it. Our lives are altered and we become afraid of what lies ahead. But for Moses to have entered into a place of greatness, his old life had to be ripped into pieces. It had to be shattered so that he could move forward in faith, and not reliant on his possessions, or what he had back at the palace. God needed his complete trust, just as he needs your complete trust.

So as you begin a new week, though you might be in a place of chaos, your new beginning is about to unearth itself. Trust God completely to see you through and take you to your destiny.

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Audrey Hagan

Chief Editor at PIWC

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Boateng Justice · 28th October 2019 at 10:41 pm

Wow! What an amazing application with godly point of view. Be blessed Madam!

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