Young Adults Ministry

Young Adults Ministry

Young Adults Ministry (YAM) is a ministry which prides itself in its ability to 
As a subset of the youth ministry, YAM creates a platform for young adults (20+) to explore the myriad and diverse issues which surround students, professionals, marriages, careers, health and so much more. In the Generation X era, millennials are constantly facing the breed of new ideas and new concepts which increasingly chip away at the image of God and as a ministry, we exist to show the world that success comes from aligning ourselves with God. 

With this in mind, our vision is to: 
• Raise spiritual leaders 
• Impact the world through our skills and creativity both professionally and personally
• Study the word of God and be grounded in doctrine
• Maximise our single lives in our preparation towards marriage 

With the objective to shape the future and take hold of what is ours, YAM runs a series of programs and/or seminars to help engage young adults in understanding their uniqueness and strength in attaining their purpose. 
We are concerned with developing, empowering, training and maximising young adults to be leaders of this world and make positive contributions to society. 

We meet:
1. Online meetings on Tuesdays 8:00- 9:00pm
2. Periodic meetings on Thursdays 7:00- 9:00pm
3. All ministries day ; every third week of the mouth : 7:00- 9:00pm

We are Young, dynamic, vibrant and ready to change the world, join us and become a part of something great.