“We know that suffering produces perseverance…” – Romans 5:3 NIV

FOLLOWING THE release of his fifth studio album, Neverfold, rapper Tedashii sat down with U.S. radio host Sam Collier to discuss – not only his new project, but also issues concerning mental health, suicide and perseverance. 


During the roundtable discussion which included Grammy winner Lecrae and Shanti Das, the former Executive VP of Universal Motown Records, Mr Tedashii revealed that in the space of three years – he lost his son, his little sister and his stepmother. The events drove him into depression and made him have suicidal thoughts, and if it not for Lecrae, he would’ve turned to drinking. 

Sometimes, life can take unexpected turns – things we never anticipated happening end up happening. Look at the life of Job. According to the Bible, he was the wealthiest man in his region. He had everything – the money, the land, the cattle, and many sons and daughters. Then in one full swoop, all of it was gone (Job 1:19 AMP). If the same thing happened to you – what would you do? 

Would you continue to persevere or would you just fold? However, the Bible says that “we know that suffering produces perseverance” which ultimately produces hope. In other words, it’s hope that helps us persevere and carry on. It’s this hope in Christ which the world doesn’t have – which we do. Therefore, when times get tough and the temptation comes to end it all – hang onto the hope that Christ has given us. 

So as you begin a new week, have the attitude that no matter what comes your way – you’ll “Neverfold.”

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