‘But Jesus replied, “My Father is always working, and so am I.” – John 5:17

As China faces global lockdown, many people are now becoming concerned with the coronavirus which has been rampant in its development since it was first reported on 31st December 2019. More than 300 people have died so far with the most recent death outside of China, being reported in the Philippines. Chinese authorities have contained the virus, and as they continue to work with WHO (World Health Organisation) to deal with the outbreak, China could very well be globally locked down. As we enter a new week, are you facing a lockdown?

Some are calling this generation ‘The Lockdown Generation’. A generation where we have seen the notion of lockdowns becoming a staple in our various communities both locally and outside. As a generation, we have seen an increase in mass shootings, viruses, terrorist attacks and so much more which have caused lockdown drills to become a norm in or work[places, schools and even our places of worship.

A lockdown is a condition usually facilitated by an authority and in a lockdown, nothing leaves or comes in. In a lockdown people are isolated to an area as interior and exterior doors are locked. A man who found himself in a type of lockdown was Joseph, a man who was destined for greatness. From humble beginnings, he had found himself locked down when he was thrown into prison by Portiphar as he was accused of rape by Portiphar’s wife (Genesis 39:19-20). During this time, Joseph was in charge of Portiphar’s household and was moving towards bigger things, but in his lockdown, immediately his plans were stifled. His dreams were stifled, his goals were stifled, his future was stifled. He found himself in a place where nothing was coming in, and nothing was going out. But God was with him and was working on his behalf (Genesis 39:21).

In this time, God was pruning Joseph for what would be his greatest gift: interpretation of dreams. While he was in prison, Joseph was able to interpret the dreams of others and when it came to Pharaoh needing his dreams to be interpreted, only Joseph could do it. Are you currently in a space where your dreams, goals and future have been stifled? Are you in a place where you feel nothing good is coming in or going out? Have the doors to your victory been locked?

This week, trust that God is working on your behalf! The interior doors to your dreams are about to be open, so keep thinking and creating. The exterior doors to your future are about to be opened, and the right people are about to pass your way. God has not forgotten you and he will not leave you in vain.

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Audrey Hagan

Chief Editor at PIWC


Dinah · 3rd February 2020 at 1:29 pm

In your place of lockdown, you can still find restoration, divine encounter and the strength to rise up again just like Jacob.

Justice Boateng · 3rd February 2020 at 6:22 pm

We are covered by the blood of Jesus.
God bless you Mrs Hagan!

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