“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might” – Ecclesiastes 9:10

JUST OVER two weeks ago the basketball world was rocked by the news of the tragic death of former Los Angeles legend and shooting guard Kobe Bryant. The 41 year-old died alongside seven other passengers in a helicopter that crashed on a foggy hillside in the Santa Monica Mountains in California. What was perhaps more devastating was the fact that one of the fatalities included his 13 year-old daughter, Gianna, who was a rising star in middle school basketball, and was set to continue the Bryant legacy.

Bryant’s untimely death is another reminder just how precious and short life is. Indeed, the Bible says, “For you are a midst that appears for a little time and then vanishes,” (James 4:13-17 ESV). But despite the tragic event, in his 41 years on earth, the former Laker great achieved all that there was to achieve in the 20 years he spent with the organisation. He was a 5-time NBA Champion, with 7 finals appearances; a 2-time NBA Finals MVP, a league MVP, a 2-timescoring champion, an 18-time NBA All-Star and a 2-time Olympic Gold medallist. He was nicknamed the “Black Mamba” for his intensity on court and for his work ethic.

The question therefore, for those of us who by God’s grace are still alive today is, how are we spending our time here on earth, are we maximising our time, effort, resources, and talents to achieve all we can? The writer of the Book of Psalms asks his Maker to “teach” him to number his days so that we may get a “heart of wisdom” for we know from the Book of Ecclesiastes that there’s a time and season for everything under the sun – including “a time to be born and a time to die.” In other words, our time here is limited – we can expect to live for a certain number of years and then die.

This week, let’s take stock of our life and analyse our ways so that “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might,” because you never know when this journey of life on earth will come to end – therefore we owe it to ourselves and to our God to give this life our best shot just like the late great Kobe Bean Bryant.

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William Amofah

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