‘Stand firm and you will win life’ – Luke 21:19

Yesterday marked the last day of our Holy Ghost Convention 2019, and yesterday also marked the 75th birthday of the late Florence Onyebuchi, more commonly known as Buchi Emecheta OBE. Characterised as the ‘first successful black woman novelist living in Britain after 1948’, Florence broke boundaries through her stories. With books such as ‘Second Class Citizen’ and ‘Slave Girl’, her books disrupted the social construct of what was deemed as normal for women. Her themes of child slavery, motherhood, freedom through education among others, disrupted and made her an honorary face of British Literature. Are you heading into the week feeling uncertain about change?

Change can be a daunting thought, Changing something which has been long withstanding can be challenging and often can lead to criticisms or isolation, and the fear of this can often stop us from fulfilling our purpose. But God has called us to be disruptors. A disrupter in business, is someone that interrupts a market and displaces existing markets by creating new markets and value networks thereby successfully gaining a foothold.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 says “For everything there is a season, and a a time for every matter in heaven’. God has called us to disrupt this season, just as he called Daniel to disrupt tradition in the king’s palace. Daniel, captured by king Nebuchadnezzar from Jerusalem, to be trained in the ways of Babylon by the Babylonian courts, refused to do things the way they were being told. Daniel and his friends refused to eat the food and drink the wine provided for them by the king so they wouldn’t defile themselves. When everyone else was praying to other Gods, Daniel and his friends stayed true to God, praying to him three times a day.

Daniel disrupted the norm of what was done in the courts of Babylon and because of this, he was elevated. Are you in a season of stagnation? Are you in a season of drought? Are you in a season of uncertainty? God is calling you to disrupt this season and stand firm in him. Luke 21:19 says ‘Stand firm and you will win life’.

So this week, disrupt the season for God is ready to elevate you.

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Audrey Hagan

Chief Editor at PIWC


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